Mid-Atlantic States Lapbook Part 1

Mid-Atlantic States Lapbook Part 1

If you’re here it means you probably enjoyed making the Southeastern States Lapbook for the past two weeks.  Well good news!  Here’s a Mid-Atlantic States Lapbook to go with Weeks 9 and 10!

For Weeks 9 and 10, students are studying Mid-Atlantic States and Features!  This is the second lapbook in our geography lapbooks series.  This week, you will create the lapbook and add the matchbooks for each of the Mid-Atlantic states which include a picture of the state’s flag, abbreviation, flower and bird.

First open your file folder, and fold the outside edges into the middle. (I guess Purple is my geography color this year.)

IMG_20140826_110800463_HDR (705x800)

Now print the state matchbooks and the southeast states map.  Print the matchbooks two sided (flip along the LONG side of the paper).

Geography Week 9  Lapbook- Midatlantic States- Printable

Now, you have the same options as before for the big map.  But here’s a reminder of your choices.

First trim the excess white on the top and bottom of the map. Then do one of these:

  1. If you have young children, let them color and label the map before gluing it to the lapbook.
  2. If you have older children, I recommend laminating (or use contact paper) the map blank as it is.  Then when you glue it into your lapbook your students can use a dry erase marker to enter information on the large map.  They can test their knowledge on the state names, capitals, locations of the features, birds, flowers or any other information about the states!

Once you’ve chosen what to do with the large map, glue or tape it into the middle section of the lapbook.

Midatlantic states lapbook

Now cut out your state matchbooksFold on the dotted lines so that they look like a matchbook when folded.  The state name should overlap the top flap with the US map, like this:

Midatlantic states lapbook

Once you have those cut out and folded, glue these onto the side flaps of your lapbook. They can go in any order and any position you like.

IMG_20140830_210204103_HDR (1024x660)

Spend the next week learning your states and capitals.  Fold the side flaps around backwards to just expose your laminated blank map for quiz time!  Test your students on the state names and capitals!  Have fun flipping open your match books to read about the states and see their state flags.  I left some blank space in the middle so your students can add their own interesting facts about each state if desired!  Some ideas may be to add famous people from that state, year the state was added to the US, patron saint of each state, etc.

Come back next week to print little flip pages for the midatlantic regional features: Finger Lakes, Adirondack mountains, Hudson River, Potomac River, Niagara Falls, Erie Canal, Chesapeake Bay.  We’ll also add a cover page and make it 3-hole punch-able next week!

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