Catholic Schoolhouse Quilting Book- a great summer activity!

Catholic Schoolhouse Quilting Book- a great summer activity!

Did you know Catholic Schoolhouse has a step-by-step quilting book?  It went right along with Year 1’s history timeline- right around the settling of the west and pioneers.

I know homeschooling gets hectic throughout the school year.  It’s tough to stay on top of the curriculum you’ve planned and sometimes the fun ‘extras’ have to be left out to make sure you finish what is necessary.  But don’t forget, you have all summer to review what you’ve taught and learned this year- and while you’re at it, have fun!

csh quilting book

This summer, when it gets too hot outside to do, well, anything, pull out the Catholic Schoolhouse quilting book and teach your kids how to make a simple quilt.  As you are cutting and sewing, review the timeline about when west was settled.

The quilting book is divided into six lessons, which should take anywhere from 20min to an hour each, depending on how old your students are. (Maybe more time if you’re teaching multiple students, or if you are unfamiliar with your sewing machine!) If you are one of the homeschooling families that only takes 6 weeks off during this summer- just do one lesson each week!  Otherwise, have fun doing these at whatever pace your kids want.  You can make a whole (little) quilt in one day, or spread it out for a summer-long project.

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Lesson 1 teaches the basics and provides steps to get your sewing machine set up, practice sewing in strait and curvy lines and even has a useful hint about how to sew a 1/4 inch seam on any machine!

In Lesson 2, learn how to make a Rail Fence Block. (Pioneer women used this pattern abundantly in their quilts!) The instructions include ways to cut out your fabric both with quilting supplies (cutting mat, ruler, rotary cutter) OR with just plain scissors. You don’t have to have anything special to use this book!


Lesson 3 shows how to make a Four-Patch Block, another common pattern used in the wild west days, as well as today.

Expand on what you’ve learned so far in Lesson 4, as you make a Nine-Patch Block.

Put it all together in Lesson 5 and make a whole quilt top.

Finally Lesson 6 shows how to finish your quilt!

Once you’ve learned the basics in the Catholic Schoolhouse Quilting book, your kids will be sewing quilts entirely on their own before you know it.

Each lesson goes step by step, with pictures to help you teach your kids.  Just like the other Catholic Schoolhouse books, it’s spiral bound so it can lay flat for easier teaching.  Throughout the book are little excerpts that detail how quilts were an integral part of the lives of women settling the west.

example of excerpt

If you don’t already have it, the Catholic Schoolhouse Quilting book is available at the store page for just $18. 

Order yours today and be ready with an awesome activity when you hear those dreaded words this summer, “Mom, I’m bored.”



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