History Card Box building- a new template

History Card Box building- a new template

It’s July already! Are you getting ready for the school year? If you are like me, you’re in the process of getting your school supplies organized, books ordered and schedules made.  As I was organizing for the upcoming year, of course I made a box to hold my History Cards. (You could also just buy one, but that’d be too easy.)

If you were with me last year, you may have seen my History Card Chaos post, where I posted a template for making your own History Card Box.  Well, Year 2 has three more weeks worth of history cards, so that smaller box I built last year won’t work this year, plus it was the wrong color anyway.  Sooo… I made plans for a bigger (better) History Card Box!

year 2 history cards

Download the History Card Box template and tab dividers

The download also has divider tabs for each week so you can keep your History cards organized!

You can either buy one of those index card boxes (this one looks neat), or make one using an old cardboard box and the plan I’ve provided in the download.  You only need a 12-inch square piece of cardboard to make your own open-topped History Card Box–we get a lot of stuff from Amazon so it was easy for us, but you could also use cereal boxes, post office boxes… anything cardboard that you would normally recycle or throw away.

new box

Fold the sides inward, secure with packing tape. I covered mine in scrapbooking paper (blue for Year 2).  I like to tape that title card to the front too.

Then print out the divider tabs, cut them out (or make someone little cut them out) and rejoice in your organizational skills!

I can’t wait to get started blogging fun ideas for Year 2!  Who’s with me?!


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