Asia Lapbook

Asia Lapbook

I’m continuing the geography lapbook series with this one on Asia! This Lapbook aligns with Geography in Year 2 Weeks 18-24.  It’s filled in enough to make it easy, but has enough blanks for you to adapt to your student’s age/level.  You’ll find each country’s flag and capital, and then some blank space so your students can write their own interesting facts about the country. Here’s a picture of the completed lapbook.

finished inside of asia lapbook

Again, you can decide how to best use the lapbook for your own homeschooling.  You can print a little every week along the way, or print it all now and have it ready for each week when you start your geography lesson!  You can do the whole lapbook in one sitting and fill in extra details as you teach each country, or you can do each area of the Asia as you come to it in the Tour Guide schedule.


First things first, download and save the file:

Download the Asia Lapbook

The instructions are included in the download, but I also have included them in this post.  For the Asia Lapbook, I would recommend doing each geographical area first, and then all the features at the end.  Of course you can assemble this lapbook in any order you wish.  However, be aware that some of the Asia features were combined into one fold-out, for space saving.

A Note about the Lapbooks in general: 

Lapbooks can be a fun and interactive way for students to learn- lots of teachers both in and out of the school system are using them these days.  And they are a fun way to review material you’ve already covered.  Don’t feel pressured to make your lapbook look exactly like the pictures.  The most important thing is that your students are learning and having fun! If they want to put pieces in different places, color it differently or make their own additions, go for it!  Lastly, if you have several students at home, you can either let them each make their own (if they can cut and glue by themselves) OR you can make one lapbook as a family.


Instructions for assembling your Asia Lapbook:
Supplies needed:

  • File folder
  • paper and/or cardstock
  • scissors
  • hole puncher
  • gluestick or glue dots or two sided tape
  • stapler


Most items are fine if printed on regular paper, however print on cardstock for added durability if desired.

Print the cover and the map (pgs 5-6) one sided.

Print the Central Asia flip book (pgs 7-10) two-sided (flip on the long side of the paper).

Print the South Central Flip book (pages 11-14 ) two sided (flip on the long side of the paper).

Print the Southeast Asia Pocket (pg 15) on cardstock one sided.

Print the Southeast Asia Cards (pages 16-17 ) one sided.

Print the Northern Asia Flap book (pgs 18-19) two sided (flip on the long side of the paper).

Print the Asia Feature Flaps (pgs20-23) two sided (flip on the long side of the paper).


Form your lapbook by opening your file folder and then folding the sides in toward the middle.

Open your lapbook and gluestick/gluedot/tape your map to the middle center of the lapbook. You can laminate the map, or use contact paper so that it can be used with a dry erase marker for labeling, drawing in rivers, mountain ranges or various other activities. Or you can have your student just label and color the map.

lapbook fold


Week 18

Cut out the Central Asia Book pages, making sure not to cut down the spine of the book (do not cut on the dotted line).Stack them such that the title is on the front and they look like this.Staple in the middle, then fold in half. Use gluedots/gluestick or tape to attach to upper left corner of the lapbook.central asia 1
central asia 2
central asia 3A picture of each country’s flag and the country’s capital are already in the booklet. There is plenty of room for your students to add their own interesting facts about each country. Consider adding landmarks, cultural food, famous people from that country, patron saints, tourist attractions or anything else you are teaching about.

Weeks 19 and 20


Cut out the Southern Central Aisia Book pages, making sure not to cut down the top fold of the flap book (do not cut on the dotted line).Stack them such that the title is on the front and they look like the pictures below.Staple in the middle (on the dotted line), then fold in half.South Central Asia 1south central asia 2

south central asia 3

Weeks 21 and 22

Cut out the Southeastern pocket, making sure to cut around the tabs. Cut out the Southeast Asia highlighted map.

Fold the tabs over and around the pocket and secure with gluedots/tape/glue stick. Secure the pocket and the little map to the bottom right flap of the lapbook.

Cut out the Southeastern Asia country cards, and slide into the pocket.

southeast asia 1


southeast asia 2

Week 23-24


Cut out the Northern Asia Book pages, making sure not to cut the dotted lines.

Stack them such that the title is on the front and they look like the picture below. (Stack so that the dotted lines are all on top of one another).

Staple in the middle (on the dotted line), then fold in half.

Glue or tape to the upper right flap of the Lapbook.

Northern Asia 1

Northern Asia 2

Northern Asia 3

Add the features next!

Cut out around all the Asia Feature Flaps.

The Asia Rivers features fold back and forth, as shown.

asia rivers

The Asia water ways fold back and forth, as shown.

Asia waterways

The Himalaya Mountains and Mount Everest feature is a tri-fold, folding at the solid lines to from a triangle once folded.

Himalayas 2

Himalayas 1

The remaining feature flaps fold on the line of symmetry.


Glue or tape the features into the center area of the lapbook above and below your map as desired.

finished inside of asia lapbook

finished asia lapbook unfolded

Enjoy and Thanks for your continued support of Catholic Schoolhouse! Without you, we wouldn’t be offering these resources like the geography Lapbooks!



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