Tour 3 Grammar Lesson Plan Samples

Many of our CSH families are very generous, sharing what they have done to plan their year. If you are looking for a little help or just some new ideas these will surely help you out!

Begin by reading Now what should I do? to get your feet wet. And if you haven’t read the Lost Tools of Learning yet, now is the time.

Follow that with this general overview: Planning for the Grammar Student

Now, let’s get to some specific book lists!

A great example of what a family reading plan can look like from Erika Drain.

You can see that she has made a plan for her entire family, rather than an individual plan for each student. See more of what Erika does at Raising (& Teaching) Little Saints

My Catholic Schoolhouse Quarterly Booklist, by Vanessa Vanderhyde

Notice that she is using what she already owns, and giving structure through Catholic Schoolhouse. Get to know Vanessa at

Saint reading selections:

Thank you Julie Aggio for sharing. She has jotted down anything  you might want to preview if there was anything of question in any of the books.

St. Francis of the Seven Seas by Nevins (note:  some discuss of severe penances on p. 44 and cannibalism on p. 76-77)
St. Catherine Laboure and Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal by Marianne Lorraine Trouve
St. John Bosco and Saint Dominic Savio by Beebe (note incorrect teaching on angels on p. 114 and decision to buy boys drinks on p. 115-116; p. 119 and 157 have assumption that saints go directly to Heaven/no purgatory)
St. Therese and the Roses by Homan (note p. 75-76 hallucinations; top of p. 99 discussion; p. 148 discussion again of saint going straight to Heaven)
Father Damien and the Bells by Sheehan (note p. 13, 15, 34 drinking–but see p. 135 showing danger of drinking to excess; p. 29-30, 51 penances done; p.33-34 fist fight)
Saint Pius X:  The Farm Boy Who Became Pope by Diethelm (see “lose my soul” on p. 59 and “Holy Anthony” on p. 65)

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