A Quick Note About the “Year” -> “Tour” name change

If you frequent the Catholic Schoolhouse website or blog, you may have noticed that we have changed all the “Years” to “Tours.”  This is just a new name to help ease confusion. No content has changed with the name change- but what was previously “Year 1” is now called “Tour I,”  “Year 2″ is now called ” Tour II,” and “Year 3” is “Tour III.”

You’ll see this change in the blog, anything on the website and eventually on the new editions of printed materials.

Just as with the “Year” names, you can start any Tour for any grade level, and any year of homeschooling.   The Programs are currently using “Year 3,” and when we start up again in the fall we will be using “Tour 1” (previously known as Year 1).

Hopefully the fresh new name will help reduce any confusion for new families finding out about Catholic Schoolhouse.  Just to reiterate, you can use any Tour, for any year of schooling, for any grammar age student.  They do not correlate to a grade level, and the one you start on is up to you (although we recommend staying ‘in sync’ with the programs!).


Thank you for being here!  Catholic Schoolhouse would not exist if it were not for all the amazing Catholic homeschooling families!


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