CSH’s Right to Life Essay Contest Winner!

CSH’s Right to Life Essay Contest Winner!

Right to Life Essay Contest

This is such exciting news!
Indianapolis Catholic Schoolhouse Thomas Defreese won 1st place in this years Right to Life Essay contest for 8th grade in Indianapolis. Congratulations Thomas!

Take a look here!
http://rtlindy.org/building-a-pro-life-city/student-contests/Because Indianapolis Catholic Schoolhouse was listed as his choice if he won, as a homeschooler, the chapter received the Educational Grant as listed in the rules copied here.
  •  Right to Life of Indianapolis will award an Educational Grant in the amount of $250.00 to the sponsoring organization of the Grand Prize winner.  If the Grand Prize winner is home schooled, this award will go to the local, state, or national home school organization of the winner’s choice.

Right to Life has an art contest as well as a speech contest!

If you are a chapter director, tutor, or a CSH at-home-user and have an award story to share, please email me at:


We are so proud of all our Catholic Schoolhouse students!

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