About the CSH Blog this year

Hi there! I’m so excited to begin blogging fun activities, ideas, printables and lapbooks for Catholic Schoolhouse’s Year 3 cycle!  Before I get started this year I just want to share a few thoughts.

YOU are the teacher! Yes, that might be obvious.  What I mean by that is, you don’t have to do all of, or any of the ideas in the blog.  The blog is simply a resource to help you plan your homeschooling.  You choose what will work for your own homeschool based on your own students’ ages, abilities, learning styles and your own time and abilities.  Some parts will work great in your family, other parts might be better suited to other students’ learning styles.  If you aren’t a crafty person, skip the crafts! If you are a no-TV family, skip the movie/show recommendations.  I trust you to choose the best parts of the blog for your own school!

I don’t have the entire year 3 figured out in the beginning.  Please don’t ask me for a list of all the books or printables for all of Year 3 in July. I write these posts one at a time, and I try to get started really early in the school year so you have time to incorporate these ideas and printables in your planning.  My goal is to be at least a few weeks ahead of you, but we may be on different schedules.  Years 1 and 2 have been ‘blogged’ already. If you are a real enthusiastic planner and want to make all your living book purchases at the beginning of the year and print everything you need for the whole year before starting- you may want to do Years 1 or 2.  If you are ok with a few weeks to a quarter’s notice of ideas, then proceed with Year 3!

The book recommendations are books I’ve personally read and/or used in homeschooling, or those that have been vetted by Kathy (CSH founder) or other consultants in the CSH family.  Most of them are available at libraries so check there first if your bookshelves are already overburdened 🙂

I am so totally a human.  I know sometimes I might seem like a robot, but I do make mistakes occasionally. I do my best to make the printables and lapbooks error and typo-free, but by all means, if you find a mistake, please tell me!  We want to provide the highest quality materials for your homeschooling, and sometimes that means teamwork! We’ve found we have a highly educated and motivated audience, and there are plenty of subjects that you know better than I do.  Just write me a comment on the blog post, or send me an email to correct any issues you find with the blog or printables. (kristenlrabideau@gmail.com) (and be nice please- remember humans have feelings)

If you are a tutor in a chapter, please, please, please communicate your plans with your student’s parents.  The blog has some ideas that work well in class settings and home settings, and to avoid doing repeat activities let your students’ parents know if you are planning to do a lapbook, activity or idea from the blog during your program meetings. Thanks in advance for your cooperation!

And last (but not least) here’s a short list of printables to use for all of Year 3!  They are the open-ended, use each week, notebooking-type pages.  In case you want to just make 24 copies of these right away, here you go!

History Timeline Notebooking Page

Music notebooking for younger students

Music notebooking page older students


A big list of Memory Work Ideas to use all year (these were published week-by-week last year, but now they’re in one document for ease-of-use).

Memory Work Ideas


Thanks! I’m looking forward to another awesome year! 🙂 May God bless you abundantly this school year with eager learners, happy attitudes and hearts ready to serve Him!






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  1. Thank you so much, Kristen!! This is great! I’m working on planning for Year 3 and am so excited for all of your blog posts. They were so helpful last year for Year 2!! Thank you again!

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