Catholic Schoolhouse Tour 3: Week 21

Catholic Schoolhouse Tour 3: Week 21

Start off your week with this great quote by Albert Einstein:

Allbert Einstein success and failure quotes. Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new. | Quotes on Failure and Success --


It’s the last week we focus on Saint Maximilian Kolbe, so finish up that fun pack:

Saint Maximilian Kolbe Fun Pack

  • This week’s religion lists the five Glorious mysteries.  Pray a rosary this week using the Glorious mysteries.  Let a different student explain the mystery before leading a decade.
  • Here are some free coloring pages to print the glorious mysteries.


  • Pull out your measuring cups and see what measurements are written on them.  Does it say 8oz or 1 cup, or both?  If you have a 1 once measuring device try using it to fill up a 1-cup measuring cup.  Then use a tablespoon to fill up your measuring cup.  How many tablespoons did it take? (hopefully 16!)
  • An ounce is also ~about~ a handful of something.  Try an experiment, where you use your hand to ‘measure’ an ounce of something like rice.  See how many handfuls it takes to fill a 1 cup measuring cup. It should be close to 8!

Language Arts:


  • Learn all about Richard Strauss at this website, which includes tons of info on his life, plus several short videos.
  • Here’s a youtube video of 2.5 hours of the best of Richard Strauss.  Play it in the background during school or during quiet reading time, or just anytime you feel like it!


  • If you are in a CSH Program or are following along in the art book, you’ve done a starry night type picture, landscape picture, and this week is a sunflowers picture, similar to Van Gogh’s paintings.  He also painted several self-portraits with a similar swirly style of Starry Night.  Have your students try making a self-portrait with a swirly background too!
  • Van Gogh is also known for simply having his own distinctive style.  His paintings look very different from anyone else’s paintings.  Let your students come up with their own distinctive style this week, using whatever medium and topic they want.  Challenge them to do something that sets their painting apart from others, whether it’s the type of brush strokes, dots, colors chosen, lines made, realism or impressionism, etc.  Have them explain how their painting is different.


  • Here are this week’s classical root flashcards!

Classical Roots Week 21 Flash cards


  • Mary Fabyan Windeatt is a favorite author around here, and she has a great book called The Children of Fatima. It’s a chapter book, so it would be great for your independent readers to read during some quiet reading time.  Or you could read it aloud over the course of several weeks.
  • Ok, last bullet about Fatima.  I have a printable pinwheel craft with a sun design on it, so you can make your own spinning sun over at Drawn2BCreative.
  • Bolshevik revolution is yet another revolution in our Tour III timeline. If you haven’t yet, you can explain what a revolution is to your younger students.  Then simplify the cause of the Bolshevik Revolution for them.  The Bolshevik Revolution also led to a socialist government.  You could briefly explain socialism to your students as well.
  • The Flu epidemic of 1918 ended in so many deaths.  You could use this topic this week to talk about personal hygiene and how washing hands (and not sticking things in your mouth or licking handrails at stores) can prevent the spread of disease.
  • There are a few videos on Albert Einstein for kids. Here’s one video, and it’s simplistic but not terrible.  It leaves off the part of his life where Einstein came to America and worked on the Manhattan project which is a pretty important part to leave off.  This video, while not aimed at kids, covers a little bit more of his life.  They’re both pretty short, so you could watch both if you want!
  • Albert Einstein is quoted as saying “Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.”  Discuss what this means to your students. (Sounds a lot like Mrs. Frizzle from the Magic Schoolbus doesn’t it?)
  • Make a paper Albert Einstein!  It’s not all that educational but could be fun.
  • If you are looking for a good book about Albert Einstein, I recommend Albert Einstein and Relativity for Kids.  It’s a bit longer than you would want for morning basket time, but you could choose a part to read aloud.  It’d be great for that student that loves science and reading on their own.   The book tells the story of Albert Einstein’s life, and scattered throughout are little activities.
  • Here is an interesting youtube video showing how the map changes through the rise and fall of the Ottoman Empire.  And this is a good and short video (~4min) explaining the rise of the Ottoman Empire, and a similar one on the fall of the Ottoman Empire.
  • Use the videos above, or this map, to outline and color in the Ottoman Empire on your own wall map using dry-erase markers.


  • Keep going in the Africa Lapbook!
  • Don’t forget that a blank Africa Map is on the Tour III Resources page.  You can use a blank map in lots of ways:
    • Label and color it
    • Laminate it and use a dry-erase marker to label it over and over
    • Label and color it, then cut into pieces to make an Africa puzzle
    • Draw features onto the map where they go
    • Draw resources onto the map where they go
    • Use glitter glue to outline the countries, rivers, features
    • Print on cardstock and use watercolors to paint the countries


  • has lots of activities ranging from games to mazes if you are ok with your kids using a computer.
  • You could also use these printable daily checklists from Choose my to keep track of what you eat throughout the day.  Have each student be responsible for tracking his or her food intake and activity for a healthy lifestyle!
  • You probably  have Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss!  Pull that book out and read it aloud this week (or if by some really weird chance you don’t have it, you need to get a copy!).   Then have a discussion about how trying new things is GOOD!

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