Catholic Homeschool

Are you new to home schooling or looking for more flexibility to help your family learn together?

Catholic Schoolhouse offers a flexible, comprehensive and Catholic homeschool curriculum that provides a framework for building your one-room schoolhouse. CSH is a supplementary program that integrates with other structured homeschool programs and methods.

The Catholic Schoolhouse program follows the classical homeschooling method in a Catholic context. Our three-year cycle of memory work provides a comprehensive scope and sequence, guiding your family through sequential topics, according to their level.

Learn more about Catholic Memory work, CSH planning for the Grammar Student and Dialectic Student, join or create a chapter, or visit our homeschool blog for the latest news and resources.

Homeschool Supplement Material for Tour 1:

Tour I Tour Guide
Catholic School House Tour 1 Tour Guide

History Cards

Catholic School House Tour 1 History Cards Set

American Art

Catholic School House Tour 1 American Art

CSH App (Catholic Schoolhouse Music)

Following the Tour Guide, each week includes memorization material and history flash cards to follow. Tour 1 History covers United States history from Native Americans through 2001. There are 5 full-color flash cards per week. This complete curriculum can be used as a stand-alone art program or in your homeschool co-op. Memory songs help your kids learn rapidly, or review an entire subject, following the tour, or using a custom playlist created by you.

You can also find additional supplemental homeschool material in our copywork and dictation pages, history card timeline bundles, classroom display pictures for each Tour and more in our online store.

Joining the Community – Benefits of Homeschooling

Benefits of Homeschooling

Benefits to Parents:

  • Add flexibility to your homeschool
  • Share resources and ideas with other families
  • Facilitate family togetherness

Benefits to Kids:

  • Consistent peer group
  • Students challenge and inspire one another
  • Performance opportunities

In our chapters, the homeschool group setting allows kids playground time, chorus, oral presentations, band, or debate classes with other homeschoolers. Studying the same topics at the same time allows them to share new knowledge and grow to expand experiences. Find a homeschool group near you in our Chapter Directory, or learn about starting your own.

Homeschooling Styles/Methods

Bring joy to your homeschool!

The Classical education homeschool style helps us to understand our Christian culture by studying Western culture. A classical christian education follows the trivium: children grow naturally through stages. Young children learn the grammar stage, junior high and high-schoolers learn the dialectic or logic stage, and the rhetorical disciplines are taught to high school students.

This homeschool style provides a framework for students to excel because they learn how to assess and sort through information. As they grow, rules or grammar develop through conversation and truth seeking and finally learn to communicate their views through persuasive debate.

CSH provides homeschool curriculum to guide grammar students through 3 stages, or “Tours”. The Tour Guide provides the core framework for your homeschool, through weekly subject matter that follows the History flash Cards allowing you to teach all your kids the same subject at the same time. Your kindergartner will absorb the information available in our downloadable copywork printables, while your high-schooler learns more to allow deeper conversations.

Even better yet, the Catholic Schoolhouse homeschool program is flexible enough to work well with other structured homeschooling methods including the Charlotte Mason homeschooling style and the Montessori method.

Visit our store for additional catholic copywork printables in math copywork and dictation principles, Latin, language arts, history dictation and copywork, science, religion, or get the BUNDLE for the entire Quarter.

Online Reviews

... I highly recommend this curriculum as an option for an at home program. Mainly because you can teach all of our children together while supplementing in specific areas such as Reading, Spelling, Mathematics, Religion, and Writing (as in you can continue using the texts you already use in these subjects). I like the flexibility to be as creative as you’d like with the ability to add to the program when needed. The timeline cards help the visual learner while the wonderful CDs with catchy tunes help the auditory learner master Religion, Science, Math, Grammar, History, and Latin facts with ease. Lastly, I love the idea of a one room schoolhouse in our Catholic homeschools and the fact that the program is incredibly economical.