Music Notebooking Worksheets Set


Free Music Notebooking Worksheet Set for composers, instruments, and musical pieces.  Printable worksheets for your homeschool students.

Catholic Schoolhouse provides free resources for your homeschool. 

When teaching music in your homeschool, you’ll love these music notebooking pages. Perfect for studying composers, instruments, and musical pieces.

Included in this set:
-For younger students: a simple composer handwriting report
-For older students: musical instrument and musician biography reports

Each worksheet includes a place to draw and color.

What is Notebooking?
Notbooking is organizing student studies in a notebook or a 3-ring binder by collecting a variety of worksheets, drawings, and timelines. Notebooking helps keep your students organized in their thoughts, boosts memory, and improves retention.

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