Tour 2 History Cards


Memory work matters! Catholic Schoolhouse History Cards are designed to be used as flash cards. Tour 2 covers historical events from creation through 1500 AD.

Set of 120 full-color cards.

Memory work matters! Catholic Schoolhouse developed the History Card flashcards to help your students learn and increase real-world recognition and relevance.

Tour 2 History Cards cover events from creation through 1500AD.

One side of the card is a full-color image, while the other names the event and date. Additional information is provided to interest the student and as an aid to the parent. When using these cards with the Catholic Schoolhouse Tour Guide, they are grouped 5 per week.

  • 120 glossy full-color images
  • 4.25″x5.5″ tw0-sided cards
  • Numbered for easy sorting
  • Feature famous artworks, maps, and diagrams to increase real-world recognition and relevance
  • Flashcard format with image on front and answer on back for learning, quizzing, and games
  • Event details on back–knowledge nuggets that help you teach with ease
  • Written from a Catholic worldview

Organized by quarter including:

  • Ancient Civilizations
  • Greeks and Romans
  • Christianity Changes the World
  • Medieval Period


Learn how to get the most from using Catholic Schoolhouse History Cards.
History Card Box building- a new template


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