Catholic Schoolhouse Introduces Beta Version of Pre-Grammar Teacher Guide

Catholic Schoolhouse Introduces Beta Version of Pre-Grammar Teacher Guide

You’ve asked for it and Catholic Schoolhouse listened. Catholic Schoolhouse is releasing a Pre-Grammar Teacher Guide for Tour 2 in a beta version for the first time ever for homeschool families to use at home. Our Beta release is being done to bless your family.

What is the the Catholic Schoolhouse Pre-Grammar Program?

Our Pre-Grammar Program is not a typical pre-school program, but a program developed to prepare your youngest homeschool students for success in Catholic Schoolhouse Grammar Program while grounding them in the virtues.

Modular-based, this program allows you to adapt for the ages of your students. Reinforce visual memory with the use of classroom displays, engage students with Saint Badges, create sensory bins for math, science, and art, find weekly lessons that follow along with Tour 2 Tour Guide (history, language arts, geography, science, and math).

After doing your chosen group activities, expand as you like to other Catholic Schoolhouse activities.
Check out NOW WHAT DO I DO? for additional ideas that can be used with the whole family. 

Wondering how to start your day with Catholic Schoolhouse at home?

The Pre-Grammar Teacher Guide is packed with ideas you can adapt for all ages and unify your one-room schoolhouse. 

Use for your youngest members or start your day with the engaging activities that engage all homeschool students of all ages — sing the good morning song, do the morning survey as a family . . . add the activities that your family loves.

Catholic Schoolhouse’s Pre-Grammar Teacher Guide Companion Printables provides interactive homeschool group activities for the whole family.  This is a downloadable .pdf file containing 67 pages of printables and some activity instructions.

Buy the Pre-Grammar Companion Printables PDF Pack.

Help us make the Pre-Grammar Teacher Guide and Companion Printables Better

Join our Facebook Group (Catholic Schoolhouse Pre-Grammar Beta Community) to share edits, notes, and suggestions for the final version. 

New to Catholic Schoolhouse?

Looking for ideas about how to use and get started with Catholic Schoolhouse? Visit GET STARTED

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