Catholic Schoolhouse Recognizes 2021 Super Scholars

Catholic Schoolhouse Recognizes 2021 Super Scholars

Catholic Schoolhouse is proud to recognize the achievements of our 2021 Super Scholars.

“Repetition is the mother of all learning.” – St. Thomas Aquinas

Super Scholar is the highest award achievable for all Catholic Schoolhouse students in grammar, dialectic and rhetoric ages. It consists of all eight subjects, all 24 weeks fully memorized from the grammar tour guide.

The eight subjects are Religion, Geography, Math, Language Arts, Latin, Science, History, and Timeline (history cards). Scholars may choose one or more subjects to work towards.

Students are orally tested on all memory work at the end of the year. If they know each fact, they will be known as Super Scholars.

To honor and recognize student achievements, Catholic Schoolhouse Chapter Directors award certificates, a medal, or trophy. Students who attain the Super Scholar title are awarded a Catholic Schoolhouse T-shirt.

Triple Crown Winners

These scholars have received the Super Scholar Award for all three tours. Congratulations on the lifetime achievement!

Priscilla Bland (10), St. Augustine, Chapter
Noah Chenault, Lancaster, OH Chapter


Super Scholar Award winners must be proficient in all eight subjects.
Congratulations to the winners of our highest award–Super Scholar!

James Aranda (10), Shreveport, LA Chapter
Genevieve Aranda (10), Shreveport, LA Chapter
Aidan Dilanji (12), Irvine, CA Chapter
Kieran Dilanji (11), Irvine, CA Chapter
Isaac Herrera (11), Irvine, CA Chapter
Grace Pagel (8), Irvine, CA Chapter
Gabriel Ricci (9), Irvine, CA Chapter
Dominic Ricci (12), Irvine, CA Chapter
Joseph Seibert (9), Harford County, MD Chapter
Sara Jane Peterson (9), Harford County, MD Chapter
Dominic Schoening (10), Indianapolis (South), IN Chapter
Robert Thomas, Indianapolis (South), IN Chapter
Rosario Thomas, Indianapolis (South), IN Chapter
Adele V., Indianapolis (South), IN Chapter
Karson Knust (8), Indianapolis (South), IN Chapter
Karter Knust (8), Indianapolis (South), IN Chapter
M.C., Indianapolis (South), IN Chapter
K.O., Indianapolis (South), IN Chapter
E.R., Indianapolis (South), IN Chapter
Charlie C. (11), St. Augustine, FL Chapter
Priscilla (10), St. Augustine, FL Chapter
Félix (7), St. Augustine, FL Chapter
Caleb H. (6), St. Augustine, FL Chapter
Ethan Heitzkey (12), Madison, WI Chapter
Mikey Hetue (11), Madison, WI Chapter
Anna Krebsbach (7), Madison, WI Chapter
Joseph Krebsbach (9), Madison, WI Chapter
Christopher LeClaire (6), Madison, WI Chapter
Nikki LeClaire, Madison, WI Chapter
Avery B. (8), Indianapolis (North), IN Chapter
Josephine Hall (9), Indianapolis (North), IN Chapter
Evelyn Hall (7), Indianapolis (North), IN Chapter
Luke Lawson (10), Burlington, VT Chapter
Ethan Quizon (9), Burlington, VT Chapter
K. Ostanek (8), Indianapolis (South), IN Chapter
Elijah Rissi, Indianapolis (South), IN Chapter
Raphael Dimayuga (7), Temple, TX Chapter

In addition to Super Scholar, certificates are earned when students are proficient in one or more subjects.

One – Spectacular Specialist

Two – Whiz Kid

Three – Terrific Thinker

Four – Academic Athlete

Five – Extraordinary Expert

Six – Incredible Intellectual

Seven – Emerging Einstein

Eight – Super Scholar

In recognition of your hard work and dedication, we congratulate the following Catholic Schoolhouse subject scholars.


Noah Krile, Lancaster, OH Chapter
Elias Krile, Lancaster, OH Chapter
Ezra Krile, Lancaster, OH Chapter
Malachi Krile, Lancaster, OH Chapter
Sean LaFlash (9), Irvine, CA Chapter
Clare Pagel (5), Irvine, CA Chapter
Elliot Teranishi (8), Irvine, CA Chapter
Elliana Santopietro (5), Hartford County, MD Chapter
Lydia Stuczynski, Madison, WI Chapter
Juliana Kinney, Madison, WI Chapter
Iris Ryan, Madison, WI Chapter
Winifred Shoemaker, Madison, WI Chapter
Thomas Draves, Madison, WI Chapter
Elise Heitzkey, Madison, WI Chapter
Dominic Hunstiger, Madison, WI Chapter
Paul Krebsbach, Madison, WI Chapter
Ava Marie Quizon (4), Burlington, VT Chapter
William Lawson (15), Burlington, VT Chapter
Lydia Pinto, 5 (Latin), Tyler, TX Chapter
Avila Pinto, 7 (Latin), Tyler, TX Chapter
Alexandria Christian (11) (Religion), Tyler, TX Chapter
Tatiana Christian (9) (Language Arts), Tyler, TX Chapter


AnnaMaria Aranda (8), Shreveport, LA Chapter
Bella Chenault, Lancaster, OH Chapter
Colette Beckman (6), Irvine, CA Chapter
James LaFlash (6), Irvine, CA Chapter
William Lopez (9), Irvine, CA Chapter
Celeste Ricci (5), Irvine, CA Chapter
Nicholas Ricci (7), Irvine, CA Chapter
Dante Ronnow (7), Irvine, CA Chapter
Oliver Teranishi (11), Irvine, CA Chapter
Harper Donelson (8), Hartford County, MD Chapter
Ella Heitzkey, Madison, WI Chapter
Bernadette Nelson, Madison, WI Chapter
Grace May, Madison, WI Chapter
Erin May, Madison, WI Chapter
Abigail Ryan, Madison, WI Chapter
Opal Ryan, Madison, WI Chapter
Gabriel Schroeckenthaler, Madison, WI Chapter
Anna Draves, Madison, WI Chapter
Siena Pinto (9) (Latin, Religion), Tyler, TX Chapter
Isabelle Dimayuga (5), Temple, TX Chapter


Connor Dilanji (8), Irvine, CA Chapter
Juliette Dilanji (9), Irvine, CA Chapter
Gregory Kerlagon (7), Irvine, CA Chapter
Darinne Ronnow (9), Irvine, CA Chapter
Francis Howard, Madison, WI Chapter
Gretta Degen, Madison, WI Chapter
Victoria Sifuentes (8), Indianapolis (North), IN Chapter


Levi Lopez (10), Irvine, CA Chapter
Cooper Donelson (10), Hartford County, MD Chapter
Luke Sifuentes (10), Indianapolis (North), IN Chapter
Cecilia Gavin (8), Burlington, VT Chapter


Gianna Seibert (7), Hartford County, MD Chapter
Hazel Shoemaker, Madison, WI Chapter
Gabriel Howard, Madison, WI Chapter
Miriam Lawson (13), Burlington, VT Chapter


Joseph Santopietro (7), Hartford County, MD Chapter
David Schroeckenthaler, Madison, WI Chapter
Eva Heitzkey, Madison, WI Chapter
Rowan Shoemaker, Madison, WI Chapter
Alison Hetue, Madison, WI Chapter


Zelie Hetue, Madison, WI Chapter
Maryella Degen, Madison, WI Chapter
Kellie Ryan, Madison, WI Chapter
Jack Ryan, Madison, WI Chapter

CONGRATULATIONS to all of our Catholic Schoolhouse Scholars!

Check out all the Truth, Goodness, and Beauty Award Winners.

If you would like more information about forming a Catholic Schoolhouse Chapter so your students can participate in Super Scholars, click here.

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