Posts for every year

Here’s a directory of Blog posts that are helpful no matter what Tour you may be in.

10 Reasons to Love the CSH Tour Guide

Getting the most from CSH History Cards

Fun Ways to Display Memory Work at Home

Games and more for mastery and Review

What is a lapbook and how do I make one?

What is a Morning Basket and how do I use one?

Should I use another homeschooling program with CSH?

Blending CSH with MODG

Water and Land Forms Lift the Flap

5 Ways to keep ‘schooling’ when everyone is sick

When sickness strikes; 5 Recovery Strategies to get Homeschooling back on track

Finding the Childlike Joy in Christmas as an Adult

5 Ways Dad Can Help with Homeschooling

What other topics would you like to see from CSH? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. If you could put a link to a post that has a bunch of different generic memory work game/activity ideas here that would be great. Thanks

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