Tour 1: Hands-on Science Guide (Supplemental)


Discovery-based experience to enhance scientific skills and observations. Catholic Schoolhouse hands-on Science program is coordinated with the Tour 1 science Memory Work.

Four six-week quarters cover the topics of zoology, weather, human body, electricity, and magnetism to be used with Catholic Schoolhouse, alone at home or with your co-op.

24 weekly hands-on activities give students a discovery-based experience through a variety of experiments, projects, and demonstrations.

Students will learn about camouflage, make a cloud in a bottle, listen to their heart and lungs, make their own flashlight, and much more.

Each week includes background for the teacher, a supply list, and complete instructions.

Included are tips for the teacher to ensure a smooth-running science class and encourage students to become the best “scientists” they can be. Designed for grammar stage (elementary) students. Older students with little prior science background will also benefit and enjoy the program.

57 pages, printed in full color in the USA on heavy-weight paper for durability, spiral bound.

Integrates with Catholic Schoolhouse Tour 1 or as a stand-alone activity guide.

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