Ask CSH – How do I choose my Tour?

Ask CSH – How do I choose my Tour?

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True story: 
Mom: For the last time, Good nIght. {exhausted and exasperated
Child: Just one more question, please, please, please? 
Mom: {reaching deep for patience} Sure, honey, what is it? 
Child: Where do babies come from?

Some questions are too big for this series!

Catholic Schoolhouse Tours for homeschooling

What is a Catholic Schoolhouse Tour?

Catholic Schoolhouse is structured with a three-year cycle–three “Tours” of information. Because the are cycles, not levels, you can begin anywhere you like.

What if I will join a local chapter or experience remote access?

Our chapters, including our Remote Access all choose to be in sync for resource sharing. 

If you are attracted to our communities or may start a chapter someday, it would be helpful to to be aligned from the beginning, then if you decide to join later, you will be in sync. But don’t stress (Catholic Schoolhouse is all about removing stress and returing you to joy!) if you have started somewhere else and choose to join a community–you can just jump in at the new cycle, within three years you will have caught the missed cycle and be just fine.

How do I choose which Catholic Schoolhouse Tour to use?

Because you are exploring classical education, my guess is you have history on your mind! If they are not in a chapter, most people choose the tour based on the history they wish to study the upcoming year

If History attracts you, choose based on the history you want!

First time homeschoolers often like to dip into American history first–others are so excited to study the ancients they begin with Tour II. Still others feel like they never get to the modern era . . .it’s all fine!

But . . .

Others are excited about the science . . .

Maybe dad loves electricty–building your own flashlight in Tour 1 may be the spark you need! Or extracting your DNA in the Anatomy unit . . . or your kids LOVE animals. Tour I is your Tour!

Are your kids very, very young? All science activities are written with ages 5-12 in mind, but for topics that adapt well for younger leaning families, Tour III could be your tour!

Tour II may be the jumping off point for taking concepts of Chemistry and Astronomy to a deeper–even middle school level. Do you have only older kids? Tour II may appeal to you!

And then there's art . . .

Catholic School House Tour 1 American Art Homeschool Curriculum

Tour 1 - American Art

Focus is on the 7 elements of art while expanding drawing skills. Seven famous American artists, plus a chance to write your own state symbol book. Like the idea of drawing nature? Audubon and the great landscape artists of the Hudson River School in Tour I will hit the spot

Tour 2 - Ancient through Medieval Art

The development of art--from ancient cave art to the great frescoes of the earliest churches, art develops right alongside society--drawing what they know and eventually reaching to God with illuminated manuscripts and Fra Angelico.

Catholic School House Tour 3 Art

Tour 3 - Medieval through Modern Art

Rembrandt, Millet, Degas . . .these all lived after 1400, so they are found together in Tour III. Looking to focus on painting skills with the great masters-- Tour III is for you!

Art mirrors what is happening in the work, making the study of history and art closely linked. You can’t go wrong–choose the art or choose the history, it is all connected!

What about the other subjects, do they matter?

Of course they matter!

But, typically, teachers don’t care whether they catch triangles, rectangles, or circles in a particular year (math memory for one is found in each Tour).

The final decision – what matters most?

You do!

Follow your heart, do what you want, then know that you will get to them all in just three short very short years!

When raising a busy family . . .

The days are long, but the years are short


So let go, stop agonizing, and get ready for your best year ever!

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